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> On Saturday 30 August 2008 14:19:07 spike wrote:
> > ...What did she mean by 
> > commenting that both should be taught?  Which both?  Should we 
> > automatically assume the Judeo-Christian-Muslim creation myth?  Why?
> Sadly, we have to remember that she is not an Inuit believer. 
>  She is a Judeo- Christian-Republican believer... Harvey Newstrom 

Ja, but of course we don't know that.  

Mr. Palin is a Yu'pik Eskimo, whose creation mythology involves a raven,
alone in an empty universe, creating animals and humans.  Presumably the
neighboring tribe has a giant cockroach alone in an empty universe, and
another tribe has the universe beginning with two great aardvarks copulating
in an otherwise empty universe.  An astute evolutionist politician would see
the value in subtly educating the proletariat that we cannot allow creation
mythology to be taught in public schools.  Possibly the best way to make
that point is for a politician to suggest that creation mythology be taught
in public schools, even in the science classroom.  But the science isn't
physics, but rather the science of anthropology.

Governor Palin majored in journalism and political science, so she would be
hip to the notion that any US politician must have some vague public form of
non-offensive religion.  There are various christian groups claiming her
allegiance, but she is not confirming this, so we just don't know.  As BillK
astutely observed, her comment on creationism was perfectly vague: "I
believe we have a creator."  She didn't actually say if the c in creator is
capital or lower case.  Evolution is a creator.  The flying spaghetti
monster is a Creator.

I think BillK is absolutely right.  Of course we don't know that for sure,
and I speculate that we will never know it for sure, for politicians have
learned from others' mistakes.  Watch for specific questions to Palin on her
creation views, which will be answered by wonderfully ambiguous answers that
will partially satisfy the evolutionists and the creationists of all

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