[ExI] who should white shoot?

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> > Excellent!  Thanks I need to check.
> In the mean time, consider the following:
> After having won the duel against Mr. Black and Mr. Brown, Mr. White takes
> their share of the bank robbery loot and goes back to the gang's hideout.
> Once
> there, Mr. White is confronted by Mr. Pink. Mr. Pink is mad at having been
> left
> out of the duel, so he demands that Mr. White challenge him to a good
> old-fashioned game of Russian roulette.
> Mr. Pink, who is an even better shot than Mr. Black was, takes an empty
> six-shot revolver from his small arsenal of handguns, loads a single round
> into
> one of six chambers, spins the cylinder, and hands the pistol to Mr. White.
> Mr. White is to go first and they will take turns until one of them dies.
> Mr.
> Pink offers to go first in exchange for *all* of Mr. White's loot, recently
> upgraded to 3 million dollars. Mr. White notices Mr. Pink is gently
> stroking
> the Desert Eagle .50 automatic he has holstered at his waist in
> anticipation of
> any funny business. What should Mr. White do?
> Stuart LaForge

Turn off the tele and get some fresh air.

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