[ExI] What is the Right Reproductive Age?

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>> I just wanted to point out that the quality and quantity
>> of eggs only benefits the baby from an evolutionary
>> perspective. Once that baby is born it doesn't matter
>> if the mother lives 15 or 50 years. There can still be
>> health concerns when a very [*very*] young girl has
>> a baby at such a young age. For example, often the
>> hips have not widened to a point where the baby can
>> be passed easily which increases complications.
>> Various sources put the ideal age from a biological
>> standpoint ranges between 13 and 17. 
> Yes. That's when girls should be having children. The
> correct solution would also entail their giving up those
> children to their own parents to raise, while they then
> continue their studies and pursue whatever life goals
> they have when---at age 40 or so---they can in turn
> parent (raise) their own biological children's offspring.
> So who should be the biological fathers? Today, we
> have the means to have this decision made correctly.
> Clearly the girl and her parents should select from
> a wide variety of publicly sold sperm, and the
> insemination done artificially.
> Lee
> P.S. More spectacularly, the Mormons (i.e. Brigham
> Young) were very close to the ideal solution in the
> 1850s. After reaching an appropriate age where their
> own personal resources permitted it, e.g., age 25 or 30,
> a man could settle down with as many young teenage
> wives as he could afford. This also had the benefit
> of creating a huge demographic pyramid. Despite
> what everyone says, you know, the world really
> is starkly underpopulated.
> The reason that Mormons are above average in
> intelligence stems directly from enormous numbers
> of offspring that many highly intelligent Mormons
> had back when they were all practicing polygamy.
> P.P.S. If there is to be more about Mormons in
> particular, please, oh please, would you change
> the subject line?
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