[ExI] What is the Right Reproductive Age?

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sun May 4 05:06:29 UTC 2008

Anne writes (everyone should notice that Anne Corwin is
not Anna Taylor)

> > I'm sure you are familiar with what an ESS is. (Evolutionarily
> > Stable Strategy.)  Generally speaking, we should all be in
> > favor of ESS's almost exclusively (one notable exception
> > being that if we are indeed close to a singularity or other
> > tech breakthrough that changes everything, then endorsing
> > ESS's is no longer important).
> So, let me get this straight: you're saying that in the absence
> of reasonable evidence that the World-As-We-Know-It is
> about to be overtaken by Benevolent Robot Overlords, it
> ought to be an international imperative to commandeer the
> wombs of female junior high students in the service of
> safeguarding the human stock?

A rather humorous exaggeration of my views, as you well
know. Oh, well, what harm's a little levity going to do?

Seriously, only *if* it seemed necessary to the very
survival of some group in question should the wombs
of female junior high school students be commandeered.
But then, when survival is at stake, a lot of strange things
become justified. Hmm... perhaps you could aim your
questions a little more accurately?

> If I wanted to know what it was actually like to live
> in a particular country, barring the probably-impractical
> option of moving there myself, I'd much sooner take
> seriously the impressions of someone who actually
> lived there than of someone who merely flew over
> it in a helicopter.

I completely agree. So whereas you were talking about
young girls in general, I will respond with a more
*particular* statement concerning the actual girls
being discussed here. So therefore, I must ask if
you've had much experience with people living in
small polygamous groups?  And why you think that
your knowledge of having been a young girl must
generalize there?

> Oh, I'm not arguing that your, er, "proposal" would
> not have the effect of increasing evolutionary
> sustainability of the species.  For all I know, it would.
> But you seem to be viewing reality from an extremely
> abstractified perspective, which is all well and good if
> you're trying to predict the air-speed velocity of an
> unladen swallow, but rather facile as far as dealing
> with actual people.

Well said.

> Whenever you have sentient entities in the picture, and
> you're trying to propose strategies that involve either
> trying to influence the behavior of sentients, you have
> to take the highly feedback-driven nature of those
> entities into account.  

Oh yes, especially the ones with the most local knowledge.


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