[ExI] flds raid, was general repudiation...

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Sun May 4 19:50:27 UTC 2008

John Grigg wrote:
> Rafal wrote:
> Since you never answered in the affirmative to my questions about
> physical abuse, rape, and incarceration, I assume you actually agree
> with me that none of these acts of violence plays a significant role
> in maintaining polygamous families in the US.
> Rafal, there is "hard-style" abuse  and then there is "soft-style (but
> in its own way just as bad...)" abuse.  In most of these polygamous
> communes they don't *need* to beat, lock up or rape the 14 and 15
> year-old teenage girls they intend to have as sex partners/mothers,
> because these young women have been so powerfully
> indoctrinated/socially conditioned to accept their situation as "God's
> will."  Yep, the "soft-style" abuse is the way to go (all future cult
> leaders take note...)!

Everyone in the world without exception has been subject to "soft style 
abuse" aka cultural indoctrination.   So what?  Does that mean your 
indoctrination gives you the right to go in with guns blazing to 
"rescue" people who may in fact not believe they need rescuing?  Does it 
so empower you that you not only have that right assuming the costs and 
risks yourself but have the right to demand that others who may or may 
not agree with your actions pay for them and sanction them? 

- samantha

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