[ExI] flds raid, was general repudiation...

Alan Brooks alaneugenebrooks52 at yahoo.com
Fri May 2 18:04:21 UTC 2008

a larger issue remains, each society is closed to some degree and everyone thinks their negative influence is less than others'. Libertarianism was and is a powerful and serious philosophy.
personally i don't know or care if anyone was raped but i know that everyone pretends their actions aren't hurting someone-- they are. Every problem we solve causes other problems.
no one here is being blamed btw.

This is a sordid affair. I don't watch TV but one Moslem friend of
mine told me about something that he saw: an interview with the people
who volunteered to be the foster parents to the kidnapped children.
The were saying that LDS are not true Christians, that the children
need to hear the true word of Christ, so they must be taken! My Moslem
friend found it more disturbing than the average Americans would,
since it's easier for him to imagine finding himself at the receiving
end of this concern for other people's salvation.

This is a filthy affair, Bill, fueled by religious zealotry, male
dominance, male envy, and all covered in tons of hypocrisy.

Look into your own soul. What do you find there?


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