[ExI] What is the Right Reproductive Age?

Kevin Freels kevinfreels at insightbb.com
Tue May 6 01:13:54 UTC 2008

Anne Corwin wrote:
> Kevin said:
> > Various sources put the ideal age from a biological
> > standpoint ranges between 13 and 17.
> To which Lee replied:
> > Yes. That's when girls should be having children. The
> > correct solution would also entail their giving up those
> > children to their own parents to raise, while they then
> > continue their studies and pursue whatever life goals
> > they have when---at age 40 or so---they can in turn
> > parent (raise) their own biological children's offspring.
> Whaaaa???  Are you serious?  Where's this "should" stuff coming from?  
> Who says anyone "should" be having children, at ANY age?  The world is 
> not your science lab, people are not your prized specially-bred 
> Armenian dwarf-hamsters, and the future is not your 
> carefully-optimized gated community.  Having actually BEEN a 
> 13-year-old girl at some point, I must say it's a bizarre impression 
> indeed I get from seeing a guy who is probably older than my father 
> suggesting that there was some point in my CHILDHOOD at which it would 
> have been a great idea to get me impregnated.
> Granted, my developmental neuro-atypicality would probably have gotten 
> me "excused" from the Extropian Mailing List Experimental Breeding 
> Program, but still -- ugh.
> Please, please tell me this is some kind of joke.  Because it's *damn* 
> creepy.
> - Anne
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 We're not talking about mental or social capability to raise children. 
We are talking about physical capability to bear quality offspring. 
These ages are correct. Surely you have noticed that most gymnasts and 
other athletes in the Olympics are in that same age group? Many are past 
their prime by the time they get 18 years old. Why would it be any 
different with the extremely demanding task of carrying and birthing a 

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