[ExI] [wta-talk] Transhumanism in wikipedia - A Call for Max

Michael Anissimov michaelanissimov at gmail.com
Fri May 9 21:32:53 UTC 2008

We should have confidence that the meme of transhumanism will remain healthy
no matter what the Wikipedia page says.  Why?  Because it inherently makes
sense, and open-minded people will at least see our point, even if they
don't necessarily consider themselves adherents.

Most people probably form their opinion about transhumanism in the first 10
seconds of realizing that it exists as a distinct movement.  All other
investigation after that is to merely confirm their initial expectations.

The real thing that can change people's minds are face-to-face
interactions.  Our social instincts force us to pay attention to the
tangibility of flesh-and-blood persons.  We can outweigh a Wikipedia

But still, I encourage anyone to try modifying it.  It's just that,
Wikipedia is corrupt and someone with political power there (don't know if
Loremaster has it) can do whatever they want.

Michael Anissimov
Lifeboat Foundation http://lifeboat.com
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