[ExI] English-speaking Google News and Myanmar (Burma)

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Sat May 17 02:01:52 UTC 2008


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> Spike:
> >It isn't clear to me what was the not-so-subtle point you 
> had in mind.
> The point is that this horrific tragedy is barely in the 'normal'
> English-speaking media (well.. business as usual). At least 
> the Google folks are giving it some weight at their news page.
> Amara

Oh OK.  I do not usually read the Google news, but I knew they had a hell of
a storm in Burma that killed skerjillions of people.  The mainstream media
have been covering the story, but as you point out, not as a lede story.
The angle the MSM have been reporting is that the whole world wants to go in
there to lend aid, but the Burmese government is keeping them out and
confiscating the food and medicine.  The latest I have heard is that the US
and UN are going around the government, which might be interpreted as an act
of war.


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