[ExI] Christianity: where to now?

M1N3R m1n3r2 at hotmail.com
Sat May 17 22:14:13 UTC 2008

Several times now the matter was put to debate within our small circles. 
About 80% of Europe claims themselves Christian, most of them I presume are 
Roman Catholic. And now it doesn't count whether they are true believers. 
The Roman Catholic Church shows not much of a will to change some basic 
things. Like: celibacy (consider the biological consequences), using cold 
and uncomfortable churches, very strict dogma etc. Even though 80% is a high 
number, in Europe internet usage is circa 20% greater than in the USA 
(considering the number of access points per capita I suppose). So I suppose 
the church might suffer greatly if they keep on like this (as people have 
access to more and more information). Take into consideration the Middle 
Ages as well. The Church continues to expand (like our school might also 
become Catholic), might they not slow down progress once again? Or what will 
be the future of religion anyways? I'm interested in material on the topic, 
mainly connected to the Catholic Church. If they must change, then how? And 
how is Christianity compatible with most of the future models presented 
here? I just can't imagine a posthuman believing in God... Can you?

(To avoid misunderstanding I must say I value faith as faith is a great 
guide to a Homo Sapiens in hardships)


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