[ExI] English-speaking Google News and Myanmar (Burma)

Kevin Freels kevinfreels at insightbb.com
Mon May 19 00:27:50 UTC 2008

> In this film the modern-day "demigod" of war actually shows signs of 
> mortality & advancing age and has his life saved by a merc sniper.  
> The violent climax is when Rambo captures an enemy 50 cal and cuts to 
> pieces at least a battalion of enemy troops.  The CGI work 
> was incredible (in terms of realism) as countless Burmese 
> soldiers were shown being literally torn in half by the bullets.  But 
> I kept on thinking, "this should be rated X for violence!" lol  I 
> guess Americans are comfortable with war but not sex.  Fortunately, 
> Rambo did not have an explicit sex scene...
> John Grigg 
That's a valid statement about the US. We see it all the time. PG-13 is 
OK if you kill off hundreds of people with machine guns, but if you show 
a woman's boob it had better have an R rating. Of course the production 
companies also know that Americans are more likely to watch an R movie 
than any other. I recall a Monty Mython movie where one of them broke 
into the middle of the film like a news announcer and said something 
along the lines of "this movie so far would probably by rated PG and we 
know that to get good ratings we need an R rating so we just wanted to 
take a moment and say 'f**k you". I know thiis isn't the actual quote 
but you get the general idea.

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