[ExI] English-speaking Google News and Myanmar (Burma)

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Tue May 20 21:28:42 UTC 2008

From: "Kevin Freels" <kevinfreels at insightbb.com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 11:11 PM
>> The European Union tries to sell the 'crap' to
>> less advanced countries like us but someday it will have to end. Such a
>> problem would surely lead to war.

I was pretty unclear here. Sorry. I was talking about more developed members 
selling stuff to less developed members. Stuff they don't use, don't eat 
etc. But we still jump at the cheap fruit for example because we might not 
have money to buy Hungarian stuff. Plus we have not much industry, really. 
That is sad but true. So we buy the crap and produce none.

> Not sure what the concern is here. Someone needs to go and it really
> doesn't matter who.

It might if a Space Race begins. Such a race would surely make a war 
unnecessary. Or at least making a violent bloodshed.

> but I always question  people when they make statements that  the world
> is somehow worse off today than it was in the past. Human beings haven't
> changed much over the last several thousand years.

Granted and that is what this list is about, also granted. I did not say 
anything like that. I'm sorry if there was misunderstanding. Yes, Asimov's 
Foundation reveals exactly the same. And it is quite interesting to see how 
circular human history might be. However, living it is not quite fun. There 
really is no need for another big war (which the war cycle would suggest). 
There must be some other way.

> I would be careful
> putting them into groups such as "arabs". Each country has it's unique
> heritage and the people inside those borders also are very different
> from each other. Kuwait is very western like. Cuba is in the "west" and
> is a communist government.

I do not wish to put people into categories. The bi-polar world is just a 
tendency. Spheres of interest etc. I don't agree with forming nation-states 
either. I truly believe in the European Union and would vote 'yes' for a 
European super state instantly if given the chance. Preserving ideals and 
qualities is, I think also as easy or as hard in a united Europe as in 
separate states. I try to follow the news as much as I can to see whether 
there is something moving. So, to be exact, I do not wish to see a 
war-ridden Europe (if there is anything to be stolen from the Good Old 
Europe), let alone be recruited into an army.

I hope these remarks help understanding.


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