[ExI] Prudes, Protestants, Progress, and Profit

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Wed May 21 00:36:42 UTC 2008

Ah, once again a carefully phrased subject line---my
"Prudes, Protestants, Progress, and Profit"---has been
hijacked to talk about something entirely different!
I wanted criticism concerning the idea that the West's
relative dismissal of fun (i.e. frivolity, playfulness, 
uninhibited conduct, sexual activity, etc.)---think
Amish farmer or Puritan---may correlate with the
greater technical progress of the West, and its
domination (1600-2012) of the world.

Unfortunately, no takers, so far.  I would even like
criticism of my (somewhat admittedly ignorant)
claim that the West truly is this way. In one post
I read later, PJ did discourse on Puritanism as an
alternative explanation or description of American
"hypocracy" (I think that she was right on).

Oh, well, if we're going to talk Orwell, I'll just start
a thread on that.


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>> IIRC both my children also had to read this book for school - so it has 
>> not
>> completely fallen out of favor. ;)
> When it is compulsory to read something the true value is missed out, I 
> think (had my own experience with Hungarian stuff :D). Besides, I read the 
> book at the age of 17. And certainly in an age where I began to 'think out 
> of the box'. I'd say this book and Animal Farm got me started... These two 
> are among the basics for over-system global thinking, which is sometimes 
> what I/we need (not every single day but often enough). By the way, who has 
> seen the film?
> Thomas 
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