[ExI] 1984 and Orwell's Warnings

Rafal Smigrodzki rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com
Wed May 21 06:29:25 UTC 2008

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 12:03 AM, Lee Corbin <lcorbin at rawbw.com> wrote:
> At what cost and effort?  Now, on the contrary, there would
> be a point to  converting to metric, but change for the sake of
> ideological purity makes me puke.

### It's tedious, the way I almost always come out in support of Lee :)

It is extremely tedious and odious to find streets and plazas in my
birth-city of Bytom continuously renamed. From "Kaiserplatz" to
"Hermann Goering Platz", to "Plac Stalina", to "Plac Thelmana" to
"Plac Solidarnosci", little political rat-creatures gnawing at names
and places, ever eager to erase the blackboard and to repeat old

Once a name is given, and achieves sufficient currency, it is almost
always a wrong idea to change it just to spite others or to suck up to


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