[ExI] peak oil debate framed from a game theory standpoint ?

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu May 22 00:33:27 UTC 2008

Lee Corbin wrote:
No, the Russians are *not* getting a break. Quite the reverse.  Their
vast oil wealth is only making them more corrupt, making them more
miserable in the long run, retarding their economy, and, if all that
wasn't bad enough, turning them back into a frightening menace.

It goes along the same line as the young person who doesn't have to
work for their money because of a huge trust fund.  They don't fully
appreciate what they get (not having earned it) and it has a morally
corrosive effect on them.

you continue:
I hope you all don't get to see what Russia or China will
do as the world's sole superpower. Then you'll long for
the good old days of intolerable U.S. domination.

LOL  Very, very true.  The United States, despite it's flaws and very
checkered history, has a strong foundation based in our Constitution,
the Bill of Rights, and our desire to support democracy and civil
liberties, here and abroad.  Do we always live up to our highminded
notions? No, not by a longshot.  But compared to the Russian and
Chinese governments we are angels.  And god help those who dare
dissent in their regimes...  For them it is simply about power, for
powers sake.  They don't have the "usually self-adjusting" moral
compass we have, that at least sometimes does kick in.

The U.S. is going to have to forge strong military alliances with
"sort of a superpower" Europe and a future superpower India to offset
Russian and Chinese ambitions.  Japan will fall into the China's
shadow & possibly even become a military ally, unless we forge an
alliance of strong democracies willing to stand up to tyranny.

Yep, all this 21st century fun, along with nanotech, biotech and AI
rearing their frightening heads in an era where humans still don't get
along well!

John Grigg

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