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Max More max at maxmore.com
Thu May 22 03:44:26 UTC 2008

At 10:53 AM 5/21/2008, Jef wrote:
>I'm happy to see so much recent mention of bases of ethical
>decision-making by thoughtful rationalist thinkers.  Just this last
>week I've noticed Rafal, Max, Robin and Anders all resonating to the
>theme.  I suspect that in part this is due to the secret network of
>the self-declared "true" transhumanists, but that's a separate topic.

Sorry, Jef, nothing so exciting (in my case, at least). I'm not aware 
of the others discussing this issue.

>Each of these metaethical theories, when extended, arrives at
>inconsistency.  Each assumes a rational ideal, which, unrealistically,
>entails a rational homunculus at the core.

I would agree with your comment here, as applied to deontological and 
consequentialist frameworks. I'm not sure that it's true of a virtue 
ethics. Do you think it does, or were you thinking of the other two? 
(Virtue ethics does have other serious limitations.)


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