[ExI] Hungarian hybrid car

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Fri May 23 19:38:23 UTC 2008


"galéria" is for gallery. Take a look at the pictures, it's worth a minute. 
Awesome design I'd say, cool looks for a car of the future. I'm sorry but I 
found no English links... This project seems to have no advertising at all. 
Too bad. :(

I'm sure you'll like this. I'll translate:
- So, to begin with, this is a car which may run using 25% the energy cars 
use today.
- CO2 emission: 2-3.3 kg/100 km.
(There has been a lot of debate on global warming recently. This is a 
co-project of the European Union and a Hungarian corporation, ANTRO. So the 
EU does its job against global warming)
- SOLO-DUO can be divided into two, smaller cars. DUO is for 6, SOLO is for 
3 passengers
- hybrid drive: solar cell, (m)ethanol, vegetable oil => engine is electric 
and is attached to the wheels !!!
- optional manual drive via pedals (like in Flintstones :D), the car is 
lightweight, made of composites
- 3.25 m long, 1.92 m wide, 1.17-1.45 m high, fitted with a 12/24 kW engine, 
weighs only 270 kg !!! (like a motorbike)
- max speed: 140 km/h, so there will be no need for speed limits I suppose 
- eats up only 1.5 l/100 km with solar cells in use (that is like a 50 ccm 
motorbike and this is a car :D)
- production around 2011-12, will cost about 3-3.5 million Forints/SOLO 
(app. 12 272,287 Euro)

I await your response.

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