[ExI] flds raid, was general repudiation...

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Mon May 26 20:03:36 UTC 2008

At 12:52 PM 5/26/2008 -0600, Amara wrote:

>How is a group of people
>who think that they have a bright future living long lives, healthily,
>augmented with endless augmentations, any different from a religious
>cult in the eyes of conservative people ?

It depends. Are they fucking the 12-14 year olds?

(Whether or not any religious group actually *does* this, it's the 
rationale. In our culture, this is a much deeper rooted source of 
[sometimes hysterical] anxiety than is teaching math, orbital 
mechanics, Python  or Tibetan to infants.)

Damien Broderick

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