[ExI] Here's some issues I have about the case...

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Thu May 29 06:17:07 UTC 2008

I don't know the case.  As a bystander you will only reflect on what you choose to interpret.  The problem with such cases is that from a legal point of view (at best if you can actually get 40% of actual realistic truth from what you read will be remarkeable) there are many disputes on who did what and whom is content and how did this occur, amoungst many questions.

The issue that stricted me the most was how I thought I was on a more evolved list.  This shouldn't even be a debate.  The legal factors yes, not the ideas presented behind it.  I read the WTA often and always find new ideas and debates. 
On the Extropy list it should be about progress not about political views.  Reverting back to ancient practices and thoughts is not progress.  You can't defend all behavior.  Please ask me what I think the evolutionary reason is that Muslim women wear veils from head to toe in 40 degree weather and i'll answer truthfully. It will be the same response I gave about old ancient mentalities, using physical or mental abuse to manipulate children in believing things that are not true.  How does progress occur in less everyone is in agreement?

As for the actual facts..i'll let the news take care of that.

On a side note: Like physics, laws are created for the benefit of all.  Do you really believe this became a story because "nothing" was going on?  Where you live is not your responsibility but it is the responsibility of the State as in such case.  The thing about news worthy events it is all about what people want to hear as opposed to the categories of facts.  As far as I can tell the basic idea behind the story still lies.  I think Bill K and John Grigg gave noteworthy remarks.

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