[ExI] recent Doctor Who

Tom Nowell nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 2 18:28:15 UTC 2009

Max wrote: "The Firefly series and the Serenity movie are the creation of the 
marvelous Joss Whedon. Since he hasn't been mentioned in the thread, 
I'm assuming you don't know. He created Buffy: The Vampire Slayer -- 
one of the most consistently entertaining and well written TV shows 
ever, and has recently been writing comics, including the excellent 
Astonishing X-Men, a Buffy Season 8 comic, Fray, and Runaways.

If there were to a be a genuinely transhumanist TV series, Whedon is 
the fellow I'd like to write it."

Well, Dollhouse (Joss Whedon's new show, due to air in the US soon) has some transhumanist themes - the show's plot is built around people (or "dolls") who work for an agency that changes their personalities and memories. Each episode, agents go undercover totally believing in the cover identity that's been put into them. Seeing as characters in Buffy and Angel regularly philosophised about the work they do, and Firefly had frequent discussions about how they got paid and with Shepherd Book about their work, I imagine there will be discussions about the implications of the neurotechnologies used on them. 

I reckon when some future neurotechnology starts serisouly touching on questions of memory and personality, lazy journalists will pepper their articles with quotes from Dollhouse, seeing as every newspaper column I read these days seems to have at least two mass media references per article.

Now, if only we can get him to do a show with nano- and info- technology in overdrive, we might get a quote for every area of transhumanism....



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