[ExI] What's in a transhumanist name? (was: YES! to Transhumanism)

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 23:20:17 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 10:26 PM, Anne Corwin wrote:
> That said, I can definitely concur that actual engineering is absolutely nothing like imaginary
> engineering.
> On the other hand, my level 55 undead mage engineer is able to build mechanical chickens
> via literal (if digital) hand-waving, in seconds flat, on the mere whim of her human controller
> (i.e., me). In that imaginary universe, everything comes out neat and as-intended, with no
> approvals to obtain, no forms to get signed, no committees to consult, no time charging
> numbers to worry about -- not to mention the fact that you get some of your raw engineering
> materials by beating up your enemies and looting their bodies.
> Is it fun? Absolutely. Is it anything like actual engineering? Not in a gazillion years.

Always remember, Dilbert is a "real" engineer.


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