[ExI] What's in a transhumanist name?

Tom Nowell nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 11:32:00 UTC 2009

If I'm not mistaken, the Order of Cosmic Engineers held their launch event in Warcraft. If they're an organisation with 100% warcrack-lovers as their founders, it is hardly surprising they have a name designed to appeal to WoW players.

 The whole image I get of the organisation is of people who love virtual worlds. Therefore, the organisation does not need any of the trappings that might actually get people wanting to attend a meeting in the flesh, unlike the UK Transhumanist Association which enjoys discussing which pubs and coffee bars near the meeting venue are good, and how to webcast the meetings as people who couldn't make it would love to see and hear what went on. How an organisation communicates, meets and organises shape how it advertises itself and communicates with the wider world.

I'll have to leave musing on the sociology and anthropology of transhumanist groups for another time.



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