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> Today is day number two at home and away from the idiot doctors and
> hospital, so yes definitely more relaxed. I'm trying to catch up on
> sleep, but I'm on a 2-3 hour feeding/pooping/burping cycle. I'm
> trying to sleep when she does, but I have things I must do in those
> short periods too. Also, I have to watch _everything_ that I eat and
> drink because it gets in my breast milk and affects the baby, and
> I'm already making mistakes. I have to build up my blood and
> strength because I'm anemic from her birth, so I drank a bunch of
> orange juice Tuesday to help absorb the iron in the leafy
> vegetables, and it gave Vija gas and burned her bottom and kept
> everybody sleepless for the next day.  So it seems to be fine line
> with food that I have to follow these days.
> Here is a public link to her picture on my Facebook account:
> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1134596&l=e2592&id=592464123
> and her birth announcement from Tuesday.
> Announcing the birth of my pumpkin-girl:
> Vija* (pronounced Veeya) Alexandra Graps
> 8 lbs, 2 oz, 21 inches (and big feet :-)),
> born 13:20 MST, Friday 2 January 2009
> after a difficult 15 hour back labor natural birth.
> Mom and daughter were able to leave Boulder Community Hospital
> Family Birthing Center (finally) on  Monday 5 January, afternoon,
> and are now resting/adjusting/bonding/recovering  at home.
> * means a pretty, fascinating weave, like a lei of of flowers.
> Latvian Name Day: 5 April.
> You can send her email to: vijagraps at gmail.com. I'll save them
> for her until she can read them. (Her Facebook account on the way.)
> After a ~1 liter blood loss, sum of 8 hours sleep from Thursday night
> to Sunday night, and baby tinged slightly with jaundice, I'm
> catching up physically, 3 hours at a time.
> I expect I'll be  more  coherent soon.
> Amara
> --  
> Amara Graps, PhD      www.amara.com
> Research Scientist, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Boulder,  
> Colorado

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