[ExI] reconsidering the Orion's Arm timeline...

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Tue Jan 13 06:00:41 UTC 2009

Dagon Gmail wrote:
> People, people... any topic of morality or good or evil only has  any 
> meaning in very narrow
> margins. Most people cant apply consistency in ethical matters and the 
> average civilian
> out there can be duped into being a concentration camp overseer for 
> airmiles. Moral
> discussions about anything beyond same sex marriage or vatgrown 
> hamburgers drag out
> for ages. As such most discussion about what would be prudent for the 
> baselines are not
> equitable or like talking down to infants. Yu cannot let baselines 
> decide on any of this -
> or decide for them. Let`s stop this sillyness. Lets for now call this 
> the "extropia tragedy"
> and close this ... Lets hope we will never be faced to arbitrage over 
> the existentials of
> baselines. We are not mature enough to do so yet.

My take is I hope we are mature enough that those of us who are ready 
and willing to move forward and especially those of us able to do or 
fund the needed scitech, simply do so without worrying overly much about 
  naysayers.  I hope we take advantage of the freedom to do so and never 
settle for anything less.

- samantha

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