[ExI] Humanity+ as self guided evolution

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Tue Jan 13 06:19:33 UTC 2009

Stefan Pernar wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> The quote "The only constant is change" is commonly attributed to the 
> Greek philosopher Heraclitus and embodies the insight that nothing ever 
> stays the same. Charles Darwin later amended this idea to include the 
> concept of a qualifying retention mechanism favoring certain changes 
> over others by weeding out those changes that are detrimental to our 
> ancestors existence: natural selection.
> We have reached a point in our history when very soon technology will 
> enable us to make virtually arbitrary changes to ourself. The mechanism 
> of natural selection however will continue to apply. Taking the 
> evolutionary perspective into account in our decision process concerning 
> what changes to make and which ones to discard will be an existential 
> guide in helping us to affect a positive transcension by preempting 
> natural selection. For only that which does not run against the plan of 
> evolution has a chance to continue to be.

What exactly is this "plan of evolution"?  The "plan" of natural 
evolution is simply to produce that which successfully reproduces and 
not a lot else.   That isn't very much of a plan.  The "plan" the goals 
we develop for ourselves will be much more ambitious.  Mere reproduction 
is a means, not an end.  If intelligent beings become immortal then the 
continued existence and evolution of mind is guaranteed even without 
much in the way of reproduction.

> I am running for the board of directors of Humanity+. Do vote for me if 
> you want to see this philosophy represented on the board =>

Where is this philosophy further expounded?  It seems to simplistic as 
stated above.  What I read in your candidate statement is much better. 
Perhaps it would be best not to shorten it like the above.  You allude 
to good and important things.  It would be good to not be misunderstood 
by saying too little.

- samantha

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