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sam micheal micheals at msu.edu
Thu Jan 15 05:56:07 UTC 2009

ACOMAS Simulation Run 246 Log:

Observing the display of visualization register: noticed many geometric 
shapes "flying about" in seeming random orbits -- forming and deforming 
seemingly at random (could not detect any obvious pattern in formation, 
kind of object, nor orbit). Noted the register log and it seemed to be 
working on goal 7 -- trying to determine sub-goals that might fulfill 
the primary. No speech output. Robotic arms stationary. Stereoscopic 
cameras stationary. At 7:47PM EST, all output blanked. The visualization 
register display blanked, the register log stopped scrolling. No 
observable activity. Checked the power feeds and UPS -- all seemed 
working fine. Looked in the cameras. Tapped on them lightly saying "Are 
you okay?" Nothing. No response. A few moments later -- speech output: 
(a somewhat husky voice) "I'm fine Dave. How are you?" On the 
visualization register display was an image of 2001's Hal's "red eye" 
camera. I chuckled and replied "That's not funny Hal."


I've gotten some flak from an astrosciences-forum-reader about ACOMAS. 
We exchanged a few personal insults and "ended" the "discussion" by 
disagreeing to disagree. (Not even agreeing how we were to disagree.) I 
asked them to post their "decomposition of consciousness" but they 
refused. They were content to promulgate the mystical perspective 
insisting that "I knew nothing about consciousness" and that "I was 
doomed to chaotic failure". I firmly and adamantly disagree. I propose 
the exchange above is not only actually possible -- it's probable -- and 
not programmed -- but spontaneous.


At the moment, I have only two viable candidates for visualization 
register: restricted VR or "pixel cube". Restricted in such a way that a 
complete "server version" of VR is not required. (We don't need to 
implement a complete server VR such as Perfect World with its obviously 
imperfect laws of physics; we can satisfy the design requirements with a 
limited subset of VR capability and domain.) A limited space and limited 
set of objects with one exception -- capacity to make additional objects 
from the given set. The pixel cube could be implemented by a 3D array of 
bits: on or off. The array would have to be enormous. I suggest 
something like one million cubed. This would allow the representation of 
objects in 3D. For instance, visualizing a coffee cup or chair would be 
"child's play" because those objects should be in ACOMA's local 
environment. (Note the drop of "S" for the non-simulated version.) 
Again, the content of the registers, at any one moment, is something 
that still must be addressed. I have hopes that is both approachable and 


Sam Micheal, 15/JAN/2009

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