[ExI] FW: how the hell did this happen?

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Jan 17 04:25:14 UTC 2009

Please, am I the only one who is hearing major alarm bells when I see
stories like this one?
Particularly this comment:
...the DYFS did not tell police why the children were taken from their
So now the family services people have somehow been granted power that
exceeds the local police, so that they can take children from their families
without having to explain why?  To anyone?  Even the police?  If the family
shot the DYFS people dead in their tracks while in the home, would it not be
perfectly justifiable homicide?  If the DYFS people were there apparently
without a warrant (and if a warrant, based on what authority?) with the
intention of taking the children, would they not be kidnappers, and richly
deserve to find themselves on the receiving end of deadly force?  Where did
this authority come from?  Is there some mysterious crypto-constitution
granting these powers?   What is the role of the police in this case?   
In the egregious and shameful Yearning For Zion Ranch case, I also saw the
local police and sheriff standing around wondering what they were supposed
to do.   In my thinking, if the family services decided they needed to take
children from any family (even a rotten one), they should be required to
work thru the local police, with a tall stack of justifying paperwork with
some really big signatures on every page. 
Do explain, someone who knows.
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