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	And back to the topic of "young Adolph Hitler"
	John  : o
Thanks John.  Do let me ignore the poetic justice of having the silly twits
who named their children after the horrifying symbol of totalitarianism
becoming themselves the victims of appalling totalitarianism.  I offer
everyone here some critically important advice if you have children or
grandchildren, or hope to some day:

If the child "protective" service ever shows up at your house, do not let
them into your home, do not allow them to stay on your property, do not let
them talk to your children, disregard their threats, take your chances with
the American legal system.

Reasoning: the CPS is apparently working outside the legal boundaries of the
constitution.  If the actual American justice system wants to take your
children, they know they need to have a warrant for your arrest, and they
understand the burden of proof is on the state.  Apparently the CPS has been
illegally empowered or has empowered itself to take your children at its own
discretion, at which time the burden of proof is on YOU to prove yourself
innocent of whatever arbitrary charge they wish to imagine.

The CPS people are not real police, but they somehow manage to convince the
proletariat otherwise, then seduce and threaten them into submission.  Don't
fall for it.  If you go thru the actual legal system, you have a bunch of
constitutional rights (thank you very much and blessed be your sacred memory
Mr. Madison, true hero and visionary), eighth amendment rights and many
other rights that you FORFEIT if you cooperate voluntarily with this CPS

The CPS have repeatedly shown themselves untrustworthy.  If you tell them to
go home and read the constitution, you will likely never hear from any of
them again.  In this young Hitler case, they should explain to all the
neighbors, the local police, the state of New Jersey, the news media and the
nation what the hell they are doing and why, in detail, supplying a list of
justifications and legal reasoning behind their actions.  I do not want a
short list with the comment "they named their son Adolph Hitler," for we
already know that, but in this once-free nation, stupid is not a crime.


By the way, it was zion yearners first, nazis second, now who do you suppose
is next on the hit list?  Hint: if you have a koran in your house, I suggest
you get rid of that forthwith.

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