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> > It is a different story of course if you invite the CPS  or 
> the animal 
> > nazis from the SPCA into your home (always a bad idea).
> You're implying that a person is more likely to let CPS or 
> SPCA enter their home without asking "do I have to?" than 
> they are to let the police do so, where it seems to me it 
> would be the other way around.
> --
> Stathis Papaioannou

Ja.  The cops are better trained at what they can do and what they can't do
than the social workers, or at least they are better at staying within their
boundaries.  Another possiblility is that they talk to the citizen first, to
get a feel for how much the citizen knows about their rights.  If they sense
they know nothing, perhaps the cops misbehave as much as the others, but I
have never personally witnessed it from that point of view.  All the cops I
have ever talked to stayed within their legal bounds and behaved in a most
civil manner.  

We have a TV channel over here called Animal Planet, which is usually pretty
good, nature stuff, etc.  But they have a program about the SPCA going
around rescuing pets.  They dress like cops, throw their weight around in
ways the real police will not.  They have a camerahuman follow them around,
recording everything.  This program actually shows the SPCA routinely doing
illegal search and seizures.  Most appalling is this.  They are perhaps
betting that the cases they violate will be unable to raise the kind of cash
necessary to sue the SPCA, or even if they had the money they wouldn't be


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