[ExI] drugs again

ben benboc at lineone.net
Mon Jan 19 18:41:11 UTC 2009

"spike" <spike66 at att.net> mentioned:

 >the topic of drug abuse

Drug abuse?  There's no such thing.  It's a blatant and obnoxious 
'social engineering' term.

People don't abuse drugs.
You /can't/ abuse drugs. It's impossible. They don't have feelings. Can 
you abuse air? Do people talk about 'abusing concrete' Why don't we talk 
about calorie abuse?
Chinese internet users don't abuse political commentary blogs.

OK, I suppose you could abuse drugs in the sense of 'using improperly', 
which would involve, for example, putting LSD in a cigarette, or rubbing 
an e on your arm.  People don't tend to do that.  They usually use the 
drugs properly, as they are meant to be used.  Maybe that will harm them 
(the people), but the abuse is not of the drug.

People use drugs.  In the process, they may well be abusing themselves, 
and they may be doing something that their government or other authority 
doesn't want them to do.  But if you accede to the use of the term 'drug 
abuse' for this, you are letting yourself be brainwashed by people who 
thought it was a good idea to take the term 'user' and make it more 
negative.  It's the NWO again, isn't it.

Ben Zaiboc

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