[ExI] they're everywhere (thrift shops)

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Tue Jan 20 00:15:40 UTC 2009

Read more about this law here:


IIUC, thrift stores do not have to test (nor have certificates for) the donations
but they do need to be selective about what they sell.

It seems to me the people who will be hurt by this are the cottage industries.

As you say, lead paint is not readily available, lead buttons are not sold in the
sewing shops.  But if, say, Grandma wants to make baby sweaters and sell them in a
specialty shop or craft shop, how would she go about having such things tested? It's
not enough that the materials going into the item are clean: the item as a whole,
the finished product, must be tested. These items are one-of-a-kind. They each must
be tested?  Grandpa likes making wooden puzzles or toy cars to sell in craft shops
or at the church bazzar. They must be tested?

Yup, we gotta stamp out this dangerous behaviour.


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