[ExI] please write your elected officials about my problem

sam micheal micheals at msu.edu
Tue Jan 20 19:55:52 UTC 2009


Dear President Obama,

My wife is HIV+. She's a Thai citizen. Our son is a US citizen. I am a 
US citizen by birth and by living here most of my life. None of us have 
any criminal history (documented for my wife and I). So, the only reason 
Bangkok Immigration could reject her visa application is based on the 
HIV thing. (Since I am unemployed, my parents have had to certify 
sponsorship for my wife. They also have signed an "HIV Waiver" document 
I prepared.) The HIV Waiver, people say, is required for people like my 

Now, the hospital doing testing for her has been hesitant to complete 
the paperwork they are required to complete for her visa application. 
They also suggest she may not be able to come here. I suspect Bangkok 
Immigration may be enforcing a policy no longer applicable under your 
administration. The Bangkok Embassy is the actual office responsible for 
visa interviews. Can you please make sure your policy, which I'm sure 
does not reject HIV+ people like my wife, is enforced?

Note that my son, a US citizen, will not be coming to the United States 
unless his mother gets a visa to come here.

Sam Micheal
dear reader,

i could not send the whole letter because they limit the number of 
characters to 500 per message. so i had to send it in parts. i did not 
include salutation or signature because that is specified in other 
fields on the form. i also did not include the last line which starts 
"Note.." for expediency sake. but it is perhaps the most important 
sentence above. my son will not be coming here unless my wife gets a 
visa. why? i cannot ask them to separate. it's wrong. so .. if you have 
a heart. if you believe in my cause. if you can type english. if you are 
a resident or citizen of the united states, please help.


ps - SARA guys - plz forgive this letter; but as u can c, i'm "at the 
end of my rope" (or any other colorful metaphor u choose to employ). 
that apology also is intended to the individuals and other lists on this 
letter. please forgive this letter. it's not a form/spam letter (as u 
can c). this is from my heart. if you choose to rewrite portions or all 
of the above letter, plz do so from your perspective. that's totally up 
to you. who you write to is also up to you. i chose the president 
because we have such high hopes associated with him. if you're "only" a 
resident and think your voice does not matter, plz reconsider. they care 
as much about your good ideas - as much as "the next guy". we just 
watched the new president get inaugurated. we listened to his speech. i 
pray he can implement positive lasting change. and i think .. he cannot 
possibly condone rejecting HIV+ ppl from coming to the united states. 
this is a real issue. please do not dismiss it.

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