[ExI] 2009 will be ok after all...

Emlyn emlynoregan at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 05:22:07 UTC 2009

...because it's started like this:


"Shitty Microsoft program becomes unintentionally awesome

Microsoft's terrible new Songsmith program - in which it chooses the
backing track to put behind your vocals - is turning up some
unexpectedly awesome gems.

>From the so bad it's good department comes this hijacking of the
Songsmith software. By now you've seen the gag-inducing ad. Intended
for people to record their vocals into and then turn into a shitty
song, canny audiologists are instead taking vocals from famous songs
and letting the software see what monsters it can come up with.

Techno versions of Oasis! Lounge music from Van Halen!! Eurotrash from
Metallica!!! But I'll be damned if this mariachi version of The
Police's 'Roxanne' isn't the best song so far this year. I'm not even

I feel a meme coming on."

"White Wedding", Billy Idol, with Banjo

"Roxanne", The Police, with Mariachi backing

"Creep", Radiohead

And just check out the related links on youtube for each of these.
Amazing, terrible, awesome.

Yay the robots!


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