[ExI] quantum effects in biological systems

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Thu Jul 2 15:24:39 UTC 2009

There is a non-technical review article here, by Paul Davies:

A very, very remote possibility, from the cryonicist p.o.v., could be 
the following. 
A clock is a dynamical system which passes through a succession of 
at constant time intervals. Clocks measure times,  and - coupled with 
other systems -
can also 'measure' the duration of a process. But clocks can also be 
used to 'control' 
the duration of a process, that is to say the evolution of a (i.e. 
biological) system. 
In this case if a clock has a good time resolution, there is some 
energy exchange 
between the clock and the 'controlled' process,  that is the evolution 
of the physical 
system under control. Both the evolution of the physical system and 
the clock 
are then perturbed, because when you include the clock mechanism (in 
the Hamiltonian 
describing the quantum system to be observed or to be controlled) you 
get this perturbation. 
If then a clock is too precise, a strange effect (actually a sort of 
'quantum-Zeno' effect)
may occur: the evolution of the (biological) system under 'control' 
may be even 'halted'.
[The discussion of point above is rather technical, but there is some 
literature, i.e.
a paper by Asher Peres about a quantum clock used to 'control' a 

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