[ExI] all michael all the time

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Jul 4 18:44:13 UTC 2009

While North Korea fires intercontinental missiles and tests nukes, the news
majors are filled with Michael Jackson stories, all the latest on a guy who
is dead.  Is this not a sad commentary?

What if... Michael Jackson was paying attention during the 70s when the
Fleetwood Mac = Witchcraft meme demonstrated a curious fact: the notion that
bad publicity is better than no publicity is an understatement.  More
accurate would be: bad publicity is better than good publicity.  

So, what if Jackson recognized this, and did all his odd behaviors, all
strictly for publicity, as did Fleetwood Mac (the witchcraft thing was
phony.)  What if Jackson was really perfectly normal?  Perhaps all the wierd
stuff was just an act, to stay in the news and sell records.  When the
microphones were all turned off and the photographers were gone, perhaps he
closed the curtains, retired to his private den, and was a perfectly normal
guy.  He turned off the infantile lispy whisper, resumed his gravelly
baritone, said things like "That aughta keep the little bastards for a
while," plopped in his easy chair, cracked open a brewsky, turned on the TV
and watched three football games, NASCAR and golf tournament simultaneously
by zapping thru channels as fast as he could.

Just a thought.


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