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2009/7/8 BillK <pharos at gmail.com>:
> On 7/8/09, spike wrote:
>>  I don't think I have ever seen anything like the news coverage Michael
>>  Jackson has achieved.  CNN is the new king of tabloid news.  For most of the
>>  day, its top 8 headlines had to do with Jackson.  Now its the top nine.  If
>>  president whats-his-name were to be assassinated, it would take about three
>>  days for any of the news majors to notice.  The usually tabloid-ish Fox is
>>  the only place running actual news this evening.
>>  Pardon me, please someone explain, what in the hell is up with that?
> It's news as a branch of the entertainment industry. Designed for the
> generation with the attention span of 140 characters.
> (Or news items with a flashy video attached. No video = no mention on tv news).
> If an invader leaves the entertainment channels undamaged, most people
> won't bother about who is running the country,
> Look what's happened already. 20% (and rising) have lost their jobs,
> pension funds have been stolen, houses repossessed, all the government
> funds handed to a few finance companies, etc. etc. When are the people
> going to look up from their screens and say 'WTF is going on?'.
> BillK

For those of you with school age kids, do your kids actually watch TV?
Mine barely do if ever. It's all youtube, other online video, and
games. The TV seems to mostly annoy them.


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