[ExI] Americans are poor drivers

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 02:24:54 UTC 2009

 How do traffic circles work?  I remember seeing them shown as an object of
humor and comic consternation in various American films I've seen.

Henrique wrote:
The problem is not only in the drivers or the streets. I also happen to
think that cars are wrong in so many ways. Using a two ton steel three meter
long brick moved by an engine capable of tugging a small house to transport
(most of the time) a single ape and his mobile phone is really really

I totally agree.  I find it so depressing that so many Americans would feel
totally lost without their own car(s).  I dearly wish every U.S. city
had extremely thorough 24/7 bus and light rail systems (running every 15
minutes 24/7 to make the driving public convinced it was
worth their time to use and support it) that made owning a car largely

I'm severely dyslexic and don't drive.  This has caused me immeasurable
trouble and when I shared this with a wonderful woman I recently started
dating, she looked at me as if I had told her I had recently been released
from prison after serving time for some terrible crime.  I live in
Phoenix/Mesa Arizona, which has decent but not great public transportation.
I find it appalling that this part of the public sector agenda does not get
the financial support that it deserves.  But ironically the lip service/hot
air for such matters does seem never-ending...

I'd like to think that long before I am brought back from "the hopeful ice"
of cryonics, that I will live to see my vision of excellent public
transportation coming into being.

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