[ExI] iranian riots all a huge mistake

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sun Jul 12 13:27:39 UTC 2009

spike ha scritto:
> The world was electrified by the YouTube images of Neda Soltani, the young
> Iranian woman who was killed after the "election."  Furious riots ensued, as
> she became the symbol of the inhumanity and brutality of the theocratic
> militia.  I will mercifully spare you the horrifying video of Neda's final
> moments.  
> The Germans are now reporting  Neda was a Christian:  
> http://www.pi-news.net/2009/06/neda-symbolfigur-der-revolution-war-christin/
> The Iranians mourned her death assuming she was Muslim.  Now what will they
> do?

She probably was not.

These women probably are:

And they risk limbs and lives because they decided that The Religion of
Peace is not of their liking.


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