[ExI] iranian riots all a huge mistake

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sun Jul 12 15:03:46 UTC 2009

Stathis Papaioannou ha scritto:

> Still, in the article you cited it says the Iranians are
> considering changing their penal code so that apostasy is no longer a
> capital crime. Secularisation will win eventually, as it has
> everywhere else.

You don't understood.
They are changing the law to introduce the death penalty for apostasy.
Until now, there was a lower penalty (jail and loss of other rights).
The reform was publicized too early, so they slowed the pace of the
reform until people lose interest.

The apostates will die anyway, they will have other charges push against
them or will die by a brain bleeding like an iranian-canadia journalists
a few years ago. Formalities can not stop people that disregard other's


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