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2009/7/12 ben <benboc at lineone.net>:
> Jef bemoaned:
>>Oh, for a world where systems-thinking were taught to children
>>alongside fairy tales, fables, mythology and pop-culture.
> If one wanted to give oneself an education in systems-thinking, what would
> you recommend?
> And is it necessary or desirable to be maths-educated, or even particularly
> numerate, for this?
> Ben Zaiboc
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I think this Douglas Rushkoff radio show is a good example of someone
who thinks in terms of deep systems vs someone who doesn't. The guest,
Arthur Brock, is the guy who does, Rushkoff is the one struggling.

Douglas Rushkoff


Starts at 17:40 (skip to here, or at least to 2:00, past the crappy
Ramones song intro, waaaay too long).

Arthur Brock is all about alternative currencies, and a really
different definition of "currency" from what we normally use.


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