[ExI] constitution amendments

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Jul 15 01:36:18 UTC 2009

> > >> ...would it make it any
> > >> better if a government or law could only be
> > changed if, say,
> > >> 2/3 of the population agree? Stathis Papaioannou
> > >
> > >  ...The
> > > military insures that the government stays within the
> > bounds of the
> > > constitution, for it is that document that defines who
> > is in command of that
> > > awesome force.
> > 
> > But I don't see why it should be considered a good thing 
> per se that 
> > changing laws should be very difficult. What if they're bad 
> laws? It's 
> > like being subject to the edicts of an ancient 
> dictatorship; fine if 
> > you agree with the edicts, not so good if you don't...  Stathis

Ja, agree.  Fortunately for me, I see little in the US constitution with
which I disagree, very little.  On the contrary, I find that a most
remarkably well-designed document.  We should study that, early and often.  

The most egregious laws in the US are not in the constitution, such as the
body of drug laws for instance.

> Agreed, though I thought Spike's view here was in the context 
> of a smaller initial government... Regards, Dan

Exactly.  I note that every political leader who tried to reduce the size of
the US government has failed.  Watch California in the next few weeks.
There you will see a state government which is brutally forced to reduce in
size, not by the Taahx Tuuurminator (as much as we like that guy) but more
fundamentally by stark lack of funds.


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