[ExI] Rand's esthetics

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Thu Jul 16 17:51:08 UTC 2009

Dan wrote:

"I'm not sure about all the features of this definition, but it's not
objectionable to me as a whole. The thing that I'm not sure about is what
would a re-creation of non-real-time, synthetic reality be like and why
would that not be art? This is a minor quibble, but it sounds like there's
too much verbiage in there."

I did not say it was not art, I said the statement is not made in my voice.
Outside of this fact, I agree with it in total.

But really I have nothing more to say on this because I am studying other
views on aesthetics and this is distracting for me.  Maybe at some point we
can engage in discussions about something outside of
objectivist/libertarian/Rand topics.  It simply is not captivating for me,
where it is for you and others.  This does not mean it is not good or great
or meaningful.  I just don't care to invest in it.  (Please do not analyze
this paragraph too much, it is just a statement as I am rushing off to


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