[ExI] constitution amendments, was: iranian riots all a huge mistake

spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Jul 17 14:23:01 UTC 2009

> ...
> ...The Parliament said 
> "NO", the Supreme Court said "NO", the party of the President 
> said "NO", and the majority of the  population said "NO" from 
> what we see.  Mirco
> > The lie re the "illegality" of the referendum was the cover 
> story for 
> > the coup... Jeff

I have seen both contentions, but it looks like neither side is offering
solid evidence.  I can't tell if the Honduran military staged a coup or a
legal action or somewhere in between, where both the president and the
military acted illegally.  Obamao said the military "did not use legal means
to remove the president..." which is subtly different from "...used illegal
means to remove the president..."



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