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> >...I have no idea how to undo all the 
> >legislation if it is found that 0bama
> What's with the [zero]bama spelling?

Merely trying to keep a sense of humor in all this, Damien.  I make little
secret of my disdain for all four of the '08 candidates from the two major
parties.  They are all power grabbers.  McCain was clueless and half-hearted
about campaigning, especially toward November, Joe Biden makes Dan Quayle
look like a genius, Obama is a phony (and watch what happens when the
national news media figures out that one and their role in it), Palin had
that creepy religion thing and was hated with a flaming passion by the press
and far too many voters.  This was the worst collection of candidates I have
ever seen in my lifetime, the very worst.

This time it isn't just the executive branch however.  The legislature is
the worst I have seen ever, the most openly corrupt and getting moreso, the
most willing to commit legislative malpractice by voting for bills they
haven't had a chance to even read.

The current government treats businesses like weeds instead of like fruit
trees.  This will be a hard lesson for USians, for once a better government
is in place, those trees will not snap back into place immediately, but
rather they will grow over a number of decades, as they did initially.  If
my understanding of economics is correct, the rich will be poorer, and the
poor will be waaaay poorer, desperately poorer than today.

Our nation and the federal government are learning nothing from watching
California implode.


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