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> What hypersensitive literal-mindedness is this?
> "I'm still just amazed that somebody of his level of intelligence 
> could stoop to such a level, and berate me, accuse me of being a 
> racist or racial profiling," Crowley said Thursday with WEEI-AM. "And 
> then speaking about my mother, it's just -- it's beyond words." >

> ... Or is it just that for (white?) working class USians, mothers 
> are sacred and must *never* be so much as *mentioned* by *anyone* 
> except in tones of deepest respect.

Yeah, one must pay proper respect and genuflect to Mom and Apple Pie.  Apparently, however, not just mothers are sacred.  Wayne Martin, an official at the Atlanta Housing Authority, had this to say about the Gates flap: "I'm wondering when it became illegal to be angry at a law enforcement official."

I don't get it, either.  A (white) friend of mine told me that if the same thing had happened with him, the police would have been taking him out in cuffs, too - as he would have gone ballistic.

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