[ExI] Charity vs. the Dole

Stathis Papaioannou stathisp at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 01:19:06 UTC 2009

2009/7/26 Rafal Smigrodzki <rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com>:

>> Why would it be "undemocratic" if most people thought it was a good idea?
> ### I meant "unfair" or "against human dignity", or whatever empty
> verbiage they use to justify controlling our lives. "Undemocratic" is
> one such label, and actually it doesn't in modern usage have much to
> do with what most people think, it is more of a general term of
> opprobrium used by political operatives.

But you also have a sense of what is "unfair" and "against human
dignity" which doesn't have much to do with what most people think.
Not a criticism, personal moral values are irreducible. Even
consequentialist ethics is at bottom deontological, otherwise where
does the idea that good consequences is what counts come from?

Stathis Papaioannou

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