[ExI] Health care in the USA

Max More max at maxmore.com
Mon Jul 27 05:56:47 UTC 2009

Damien Sullivan wrote:

>Go-go US government health care.

First of all, my post was intended to bring some perspective to a 
discussion in which people seemed intent on demonizing the US health 
care system -- rather than objectively analyzing its advantages and 
disadvantages. From all that I've written, it should be abundantly 
clear that I do not believe the US system is optimal. Very far from 
it. Nor is it REMOTELY like a free market health care system. Your 
belated response gives the impression that I was holding up the 
existing US system as some kind of ideal. Meanwhile, you continue the 
one-sided attack.

>Some drugs and treatments may be.  Beta blockers weren't, though 
>that's the FDA.  But I've seen claims of other treatments where 
>we're still behind

Well, no doubt. Our FDA is probably more restrictive than agencies in 
most other countries. Yet, the USA STILL does far more medical 
innovation. Why is it so hard for you to admit that?

>We're tied for almost-last place while spending twice as 
>much?  That's nothing to crow about.

I never said it was. The US system could and should be much better.

>One thing I've heard is that the US tests for and treats prostate 
>cancer far more than other countries.  Thing is, most people with a 
>small prostate cancer are likely to die of something else 
>first.  It's unnecessary profit-driven procedures.

Agreed. But why is that? Do you believe it's inherent to the system? 
Or that existing incentives could be changed?

>Now, if we compare to Sweden, we get to look really embarassing...

But that's just not a sensible comparison. There are vast demographic 
differences between Sweden and the USA. Just one of those is the 
difference in immigration from poorer and less healthy countries.


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