[ExI] Remote-controlled insects

Robert Masters rob4332000 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 2 13:47:28 UTC 2009


>From the New Scientist:






tempting to call them lords of the flies. For the first time,
researchers have controlled the movements of free-flying insects from
afar, as if they were tiny remote-controlled aircraft.


connecting electrodes and radio antennas to the nervous systems of
beetles, the researchers were able to make them take off, dive and turn
on command. The cyborg insects were created at the University of
California, Berkeley, by engineers led by Hirotaka Sato and Michel Maharbiz as part of a programme funded by the Pentagon's Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


                The project's goal is to create fully remote-controlled insects able to perform tasks such as looking for survivors after a disaster, or acting as the ultimate spy....

Rob Masters

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