[ExI] Alcor scandal

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 21:27:29 UTC 2009

On 10/3/09, Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> I will confirm here that Alcor did utilize my services to perform a forensics
>  investigation on Larry Johnson's PC after he left their employ.  I won't get
>  into any specifics about what Alcor had me look for and what I found.  But I
>  will try to dispel some unfounded rumors floating around by assuring everyone
>  that everything I found was completely boring.  There was no evidence of the
>  horror stories we are hearing now.  There was no evidence of intrigue and
>  subterfuge.  All these stories seem to have been created after the fact.
>  Everything I was able to uncover showed normal operations, no problems, and
>  just the usual political disagreements that sometimes arise between employer
>  and employee.  Based on the sheer amount of information and complete lack of
>  any mention of problems or inappropriate behavior, it did not appear that any
>  of these concerns existed before Mr. Johnson left Alcor.  All these stories
>  seem to have been manufactured after the fact.

Remarkable indeed!  A worker who only used their office computer for
company business. The man deserves a medal!  Only half-joking.  If
you'd seen the stuff I commonly find on office computers.........

>From what you say and the article it appears that he is a very
unsophisticated computer user and not a computer addict like most
normal people.
He talks about taking photographs and recording conversations and
discussing with other people. No computer necessary.

It seems reasonable to me that if you are CEO of a company you can
hardly be a whistle blower of the company you are supposedly running.

Putting myself in his shoes, he seemed to be mainly interested in his
own advancement within the company and not in the technical details of
what was going on in the labs. When that failed to be resolved to his
satisfaction he was sufficiently annoyed with Alcor to collect some
stories and evidence, then leave and do an expose of the company.

On the other hand he may just be a disgruntled ex-employee trying to
make some money by writing a scary bestseller book grossly
exaggerating stories he heard.

If Alcor do sue, then all his evidence backing up the book will come
out in court.


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