[ExI] Alcor scandal

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Sun Oct 4 18:19:47 UTC 2009

Natasha wrote:

>Please know that litigation is a very mean snake and all communications are
>potential litigation discovery which could be summoned for investigation by
>opposing counsel.
>In light of this, it would be helpful to Alcor, and cryoncists in general,
>if we did not make public material that could be used in discovery
>proceedings against Alcor.
>Because of this it might be wise to talk all discussions about Alcor's
>situation off list.

An opponent need not wait for discovery. This list has public

I suggest that any discussion on this list be limited to bringing
to one another's attention already public material, e.g., URLs
of media coverage or a press release from Alcor.

-- David.

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